One School

The El Dorado Hills Taekwondo Center is an independent program . Our goal is to be in position to offer the best and most updated technical information and integrate what is best for our program in a timely manner. Our resources are allocated to address our needs, and we are able to choose our associates and collaborative partners freely on the basis of mutual benefit. 

One Community

Our program was custom designed and tailored to meet the needs and expectations of a specific community: El Dorado Hills, CA. We live in the community, we raised our children in the community, we support the community and we our proud to wear the name: El Dorado Hills Taekwondo.

One Priority since 1994

Because we are beholden to no massive organization, and because our location is singular, our attention is not spread around scores of studios throughout dozens of communities. Our attention is undivided and exclusively focused on the development of our athletes.